Biden consolidates his victory with a "historic" victory in Arizona

Joe Biden and Donald Trump (AP)

Joe Biden and Donald Trump (AP)

Washington: "Middle East Online"

Joe Biden won in Arizona, cementing his victory in the presidential elections that took place on the third of November in the United States, according to American media, yesterday (Thursday).

This is the first time that the Democratic Party has won in this state since 1996, according to Agence France-Presse.

"NBC", "ABC", "CBS" and "CNN" announced that the Democratic candidate won by more than eleven thousand votes in these elections, which witnessed intense competition.

"Fox News" and "The Associated Press" announced that Biden had won in this state on election night, which angered his Republican opponent, Donald Trump.

After winning the Arizona state, Joe Biden enjoyed the support of 290 senior voters, while he needed 270 voters to win the presidential election and enter the White House on January 20.

Trump still refuses to acknowledge the victory of his Democratic opponent, more than a week after the election.

The results of the polls have yet to be announced in two states, North Carolina and Georgia.


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