What happens when you want to edit a photo of a coin in Photoshop?

 Perhaps everyone agrees that Photoshop is one of the most famous programs in the field of design and image editing. This program has a history of intercession for it to be on the throne of the best image editing program that is used in major companies, fields and designers around the world. This giant program has 25 years of leadership, but did you know that not all images can be modified with this program?

What happens when you want to edit a photo of a coin in Photoshop?
What happens when you want to edit a photo of a coin in Photoshop?

Yes, Photoshop is a program for editing images, but not all images, and by specifying images of money, when you try to open an image of a dollar bill, for example, the program will warn you by displaying a pop-up window with a message that the program does not support modifying or editing images of currencies for banknotes.

When you click on the "Information" button, the program will direct you to a website for the Central Bank Group to deter forgery, specifically a page titled "Deterrence against counterfeiting banknotes", which warns the visitor about the seriousness and penalty for counterfeiting banknotes with a message that says: 

What happens when you want to edit a photo of a coin in Photoshop?
What happens when you want to edit a photo of a coin in Photoshop?

“Every country places legal restrictions on the process of reproducing images of banknotes. Currency counterfeiting is a crime, and due to the different restrictions placed on this process from one country to another, some countries strictly prohibit any process of reissuing images of banknotes, even if it is for the purpose of Use them for artistic or advertising purposes.Even in countries that allow the use of pictures of banknotes to a limited extent, precise rules and laws have been put in place and requirements that must be met.This site provides you with information about the process of reproducing images of banknotes as well as links to country-specific sites for more information. Instructions.

At a time when the total economic loss to society as a result of counterfeiting currency is generally limited, individuals and business enterprises bear the greatest harm due to their failure to obtain compensation for counterfeit banknotes. This is in addition to the fact that counterfeiting currency may lead to a loss of confidence in payment systems and leak doubts to community members about accepting any banknotes during monetary operations.

This website is administered by the Central Bank's Counterfeiting Deterrence Group (CBCDG). The group has developed the Anti-Counterfeiting Deterrence System (CDS) which has been voluntarily adopted by many software and computer hardware manufacturers. The CDS aims to deter the use of personal computers and digital imaging devices and software in the counterfeiting process. The system works by preventing personal computers and digital photographic tools from reproducing or reproducing images of the protected banknotes. However, CDS cannot track users of personal computers or digital imaging devices.

To get detailed information about images of a country's banknote or currency, just click on an area from the map or choose a region, country or currency from the drop-down menus.

After experimenting with more than one currency, I found out that the program prevents, in particular, the high-resolution and clear image for a group of different currencies such as the euro, as well as the dollar ...


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