▷ TOP 10 Best Viral Content, Buzz and Viral Videos Sites

 The viral marketing  "Viral marketing or viral advertising", is a form of promotion of a commercial offer. Often associated with a viral campaign of a humorous nature. Buzz, Trend or Spread, through viral advertisements, which spread at the speed of light on the Internet, just like a virus which spreads. And which will make it possible to reach as many people as possible on social networks… It could be news, a photo, a video, a hot topic, a product or a service.

Best Viral Content, Buzz and Viral Videos Sites
Best Viral Content, Buzz and Viral Videos Sites

You will find below, a list, of the 10 best viral websites , dealing with topics, viral of the moment, the best buzz… To help you find inspiration, to be able to produce, quality content, and to increase the chances of your articles going viral on the Internet. This ranking is based mainly on the viral sites, the most visited in the world in terms of Alexa data , and on the number of visitors.

1 - BuzzFeed


Buzzfeed : Total Visits  | 147.51M & Headquarters : New york

Buzzfeed is the world leader in viral content, it offers the latest breaking news, quizzes, Viral videos, and articles on food, TV and Movies, sports, buzz and humor, ... And all the trend, which is the buzz of the moment, and that many people will want to share on social networks.

2 - vox


Vox : Total visits  | 30.85M

Vox  is an American news media site owned by Vox Media. Over the past few years, Vox has grown steadily to become one of the best media companies in the world. On its home page you will find a wide range of quality content, very well detailed, with a deep political orientation and you will thus find in-depth analyzes on all the news "Trends", including politics, business and politics. economy, pop culture, music, cooking, science…

3 - Ranker


ranker : Total Visits  | 30.36M & Headquarters : Los Angeles

Ranker is an American news website based in Los Angeles, United States. The site offers quality content, according to content marketers. The headlines, including cooking & food, entertainment, subjects of culture, music and sports news. 

4 - Zergnet


Zergnet : Total visits  | 27.49M

ZergNet , is an Indianapolis-based information Internet magazine that is characterized by its diverse quality content. Dealing with general or specialized subjects. Namely, Video Games, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, and News.

5 - Boredpanda


boredpanda : Total visits  | 26.61M & Headquarters : Vilnius, Lithuania

Bored Panda is a leading art, design and photography community for creatives and seekers of viral content on the internet. 

6 - Brightside

Image result for brightside

Brightside : Total visits  | 12.21M

Based on creativity, inspiration, imagination and innovation,  Bright Side is a primary source for viral content researchers around the world, offering funny stories, infographics, wellness tips, psychology ...

7 - Twentytwowords


Twentytwowords : Total Visits  | 6.95M & Headquarters : California

Twentytwowords , is an American online news company based in California. It covers a wide range of subjects ranging from cinema and film news to international relations, the site is also known for its viral videos and its funny and unusual GIFs.

8 - Littlethings

Image result for https://www.littlethings.com/

ittlethings : Total Visits  | 4.46M & Headquarters : New york

LittleThings, often tackles themes concerning American women, namely love stories, family, cooking and advice, baby recipes, recipes for mom-to-be…. As well as inspiring ideas for success in life and for a more creative life ...

9 - Upworthy


Upworthy : Total Visits  | 2.93M & Headquarters : New york

Upworthy , generally disseminates cultural, political, legal and historically relevant information, Viral Content, Buzz and Viral Videos.

10 - Viralnova


Viralnova : Total Visits  | 117.32K & Headquarters : Overland Park, USA

Viralnova , is a media site, with viral content. When finding inspiration, it becomes a source of stress for you, and for your team. Viralnova is one of the best sources of inspiration for finding the best viral content on the planet.


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