10 things only girls who always wear black will understand

Whether it's sunny or cloudy, whether summer or winter, you wear only one color from head to toe: black.

If you have recognized yourself in this statement, you will approve the following 10.


1. Everyone thinks you wear the same pants every day, but it's just that you have 18 pairs of black jeans / leggings.


2. “Is this model made in black? This is what you ask most when shopping. The neon pink top, if it's not done in black, it's a no.


3. You must constantly watch for your dog hair or hair falling on your top. A quick quick check at half an hour is essential!


4. It's a great acrobatic feat every morning to put on deodorant. You certainly don't want to have a white spot on your black sweater.


5. You should think carefully about when and how to wash your clothes, since black items always wash out. On the other hand, you wear so just black, that there is no way your clothes will rub off on others.


6. You always receive small comments from your loved ones. "Are you made Gothic?", "Are you going to a funeral?" or, "I'm sure red would suit you!" Wearing black is a way of life. Don’t try to change us, thanks.


7. It’s a hassle every morning when it’s time to look for something in a pile of completely black clothes. You always end up putting another item, but that's okay, because it's black too.


8. In the summer, the sun hits you and your dark clothes three times harder, but that's okay, because you've developed an endurance that only black people can understand.


9. You don't feel comfortable in colorful clothes. For you, wearing white is not flattering. On the other hand, black refines the silhouette and it’s perfect like that.

9. You do not feel comfortable in colored clothing. For you, wearing white is not flattering. On the other hand, black refines the silhouette and is perfect like that.


10. If you have been in the sun, your clothes will make you look more tanned. On the other hand, if your complexion is pale, black will not spare you. A double-edged knife that you are ready to assume.


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