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▷ Disney + is preparing a complete series on "Percy Jackson" and we're going to

Whether you're a fan of Percy Jackson novels or movies with Logan Lerman, you'll be excited to hear that a full TV series is in the works! It’s the author of the saga, Rick Riordan, who announced the great news on Twitter. In a short video in which he is accompanied by his wife Becky, he had this to say: "After a lot of work and support from the fans, Percy Jackson arrives on Disney +"! The saga of 5 novels was adapted into a film in 2010 with Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, then in 2013 with Percy Jackson: The Sea of ​​Monsters. While fans at the time loved the choice of Logan Lerman as Percy and Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth, the reviews were bad. Followers of the books did not appreciate the changes made to the film adaptation at all, and the project to adapt all the novels was canceled after only 2 films. The Rick Riordan also addressed this in the text that accompanied his announcement and which reads as follow

10 things only girls who always wear black will understand

Whether it's sunny or cloudy, whether summer or winter, you wear only one color from head to toe: black. Voir cette publication sur Instagram 3 femmes qui m’inspirent à chaque jour de ma vie! (J’pense qu’on se feelait toutes cette soirée la, pi j’aime ça #girlpower 🤘🏻💫) Une publication partagée par Marie Gagné (@ma.gagne) le 25 Févr. 2020 à 8 :14 PST If you have recognized yourself in this statement, you will approve the following 10.    1. Everyone thinks you wear the same pants every day, but it's just that you have 18 pairs of black jeans / leggings. ↚ 2. “Is this model made in black? This is what you ask most when shopping. The neon pink top, if it's not done in black, it's a no. 3. You must constantly watch for your dog hair or hair falling on your top. A quick quick check at half